The name in Greek means "Always Disciplined" - Adialeiptos meaning "Always" or "Without Ceasing", and Gumnazo meaning "Disciplined physically and mentally for action or warfare".  AG teaches combat involving physical contact as opposed to weapon fighting, using only what you would have on your person at any given time to maintain its relevance to the students' lives.

Basic Principles
While there are few rules used in life-threatening situations, during lessons the legal need to do the minimum damage necessary is stressed (reasonable force), and the instructor demonstrates how to moderate the techniques to suit the situations. AG is not a martial art by traditional standards. There are few rules for AG fighting, and no built-in distinctions in training between men and women. There is no AG sporting federation, and there are no official uniforms or attire, although durable workout attire is recommended.  Maximizing personal safety in a fight is emphasized.  The attack and defense maneuvers of AG aim to disable the attacker and facilitate escape. Techniques generally focus on teaching students in conditions representing real-life scenarios and include a variety of fast and fluid attacks to vulnerable body parts through efficient strikes.  AG training programs involve rapid learning, with offensive and defensive techniques from the first lesson and constant motion playing an important part in every concept.  Training is conducted in a methodical manner taking account of the students' size and ability.  AG students learn to deal with the immediate threat and if necessary to prevent further attacks, disable the attacker.

AG training emphasizes the following:

  • Don't get hurt or hurt partners during training
  • Change quickly from defensive to offensive techniques
  • Respond to attacks aggressively with overwhelming force, in the shortest time
  • Develop and use the most natural, quickest reflexes of the body
  • Recognize and exploit the opponent's weaknesses
  • Identify and employ the aid of any available objects

Basic Training
AG has borrowed many techniques from other martial arts; however, unlike the set routines and moves in standard martial arts, AG teaches realistic fighting and self-defense from attacks in real-life settings. Available lessons include exercises simulating fighting against one or multiple assailants and classes involving protecting another person. Once the fundamental concepts are learned almost any situation can be taught. Confidence and competence are bred by repetition.

Basic training exercise programs are also available, involving a mixed aerobic and anaerobic workout to improve the students' ability to perform the techniques.  Training of techniques starts out slowly and progresses to full contact, relying heavily on the use of protective pads.  Full-contact sparring, intended to simulate the stresses of a violent situation, is one of the strengths of AG.  Lessons will also cover situational awareness - in order to develop an understanding of one's surroundings and potentially threatening circumstances so as to prevent an attack before it occurs.  It will also cover ways to mentally deal with violent situations, as well as physical and verbal methods to avoid violence whenever possible.  Classes will feature a warm up to raise the heart rate, followed by stretching, then the lesson followed by stretching to finish.